CONGREGATIONAL CARE PLANNING TEAM (Core Tasks: Caring and Connecting)
Co-Chairs: Elders: Doris Riggs and Ann Rand
Cares for the flock                                                                Shepherd Program
Prayer List/Requests/Prayer Shawls                                  Second Sunday lunches
Monthly lunch bunch                                                            Sunday a.m. refreshments
Meals/Transportation/Calls/ Cards/Visits for the sick         Celebration planning                           
Faith, Hope and Hammers

Dick Schmus

Clerk of Session    Debbie Peterson

   SPIRITUAL DEVELOPMENT PLANNING TEAM (Core Tasks: Forming and   Transforming)
   Co-Chairs: Elders: Frances Young and Patty Morris
   Plans and oversees our regular worship services              Plans special services and events
   Provides music and worship resources                               Recruit/train liturgists; ushers etc.
   Sets up communion                                                             Sanctuary preparation
   Faith Groups                                                                        Sunday School/Learning programs
   Women’s and Men’s Ministries                                            Leadership Training
   Select curricula                                                                     Teacher recruitment and preparation


Ann Rand

Frances Young

MISSION AND OUTREACH PLANNING TEAM (Core Tasks: Inviting and Serving)
Co-Chairs: Elders: Sylvia Goodyear and Dick Schmus
Evangelism                                                                           Gift bags for first 
Contact with prospective members                                      New member assimilation
Local mission and benevolences                                         World mission links
​Discovery Class and related items (Reception; Photographs; Member Profiles in Newsletter)


Sylvia Goodyear 

Patty Morris

Doris Riggs

Bruce Burn

The Planning Team structure expresses the mission of the Church. All parts of the system are and need to be interrelated and mutually dependent. The Goals of the Church inform the goals of each Ministry Team. The Goals for 2016 inform and guide the plan for the year ahead.
PEOPLE: With a SESSION of nine Ruling Elders there are FOUR PLANNING TEAMS each led by two Elders appointed as co-chairs. This enables continuity and mutual support. In the future Nomination Committee process may more deliberately invite members to look to identify Elders who are or who have the potential to be leaders and possibly to discuss a call for Elders-Elect to a specific Planning Team.
MEETINGS: Session will have a Stated Meeting every two months: Feb, Apr, June, Aug, Oct, Dec. Planning Teams to meet every two months, in between Session Meetings, and at other times as needed. There may be occasions when a joint Planning team meeting date is secured to encourage CONVERSATION and TEAMWORK within and between Planning Teams.
Publicity / Communication: Each Planning Team will develop an effective Communication process.

​Jim Reich.

​​Faith Presbyterian Church
Planning Teams to express our Vision, Mission and Priorities

   ADMINISTRATION PLANNING TEAM (Core Tasks: Supporting and Planning)
   Co-Chairs: Elders: Bruce Burn and Jim Reich
   Facilities                                                                                  Treasurer/Finance
   Stewardship / Stewardship education / Planned Giving         Church Office support
   Budget preparation                                                                  Church cleaning
   Church Directory                                                                    Publicity
   Personnel                                                                                Procedures
   Communication: internal and external (Website; Newsletter etc.)

OfBlue Ridge

​​Faith Presbyterian Church (USA)