Of  Blue Ridge

Vision Statement

By God's love and grace,we are Called,Committed and Led.

​​Faith Presbyterian Church (USA)

Called by God to be Faith Presbyterian Church of the North Georgia Mountains,we welcome all to join together to worship God.

Committed to following Jesus' example we joyfully share God's love,grace and gifts with all in our church family and community.

​Led by the Holy Spirit,we invite all to grow spiritually in this community of Faith.

Mission Statement

Our Church

Priorities for Faith Presbyterian Church

-Increase membership and participation through connecting with and  serving those who reside in our community.

-Be a viable, spiritual place of worship by the sharing of our time,talent and treasure

-Equip members to follow in Jesus' footsteps and to show God's love,grace and care.

-Ensure the development of effective leadership skills.

-Ensure the development of effective internal communication skills,including appropriate use of technology.

-Develop plan for future physical location according to the direction of the session.